Course Summary

This course will take you from a point of not knowing anything about WordPress to creating and designing WordPress sites for yourself or your clients.
The WordPress Without Tears course teaches you how to create and design your first WordPress site in a simple way that takes away all the struggles.

What is WordPress Without Tears Course

You have seen beautiful websites being built for people before, you have used some that had clean layout and design.

You have even tried to build one with WordPress but you have failed woefully.

You managed to set up one website but the look and feel is far from what you need

You urgently need to build your website but you are stuck watching videos upon videos trying to figure out how to create a WordPress site that suits your needs.

You clearly do not understand what you are doing and you are stuck

You wish that someone can just take your hand and lead you through the process of building websites for your self and your clients so you can get on with your business.

But each time you try building one, you fail woefully, you have had people ask you if you can build a website for them.

You have opened your mouth to say yes until you realized that you still lack the know-how of the WordPress that you built.

You know these are business opportunities slipping by you and you wish that you can design beautiful website and be paid for them.

You have seen others do it before and you wish you could be one of them, creating simple website in 4 days max and making money that pays your bills and makes it easy for you to afford your lifestyle.

You have watched all manner of videos to figure out how this works out but all you get is more confused and no resolutions.

You are getting tired and frustrated?

I know what it can feel like, when I started out to do an online business, I did not know anything about building websites.

When I bought my hosting, my heart was literally in my mouth when I clicked the link to find where to install my website.

When I finally did, I created a scary looking website that I was even afraid to tweak because I thought I would lose all I have done.

Then my site got hacked because I did not know anything about security and I had cold sweats because I did not know anything about fixing it.

It took me months and almost a year of painstaking learning to even begin to build a presentable website for people to visit and stay long enough to use my services.

7 months after I built my website I still could not find answers on how to install my domain email.

This took me long to figure out, I still get irrelevant answers from WordPress forums concerning this issue.

I know what you are feeling and going through, that is why I built the WordPress Without Tears Course (WWT)

I wanted to take away the pain I went through for a new beginner so they can build their website and get on with doing their business online.

I wanted to help you to see that you can actually learn what works when it comes to WordPress so you can design and tweak your WordPress site as you want without running around like a headless chicken and sifting through a tonne of videos.

If you are in that place where you are almost pulling your hair out because of the frustration

Do not get there, I am here to help you out.

WordPress Without Tears was built to help anyone who does not know nothing about WordPress to build a website that they can use for their business and to also build for other people.

The WordPress Without Tears has compressed the hundreds of hours that you would have spent watching videos, sifting through videos and trying to learn a how to resolve a single issue.

This course has cut out all the fluff so you can learn what is important and be on your way to building website without issues

What will I learn in this course?

In this course you will learn

Step by step process on how to build your WordPress site from scratch without making mistakes that beginners make.

You will be taught how to use different parts of WordPress that people do not understand they waste a lot of time trying to figure it out.

You will be taught how to select the best themes for your WordPress site and how to customize it to ensure that it suits you needs.

You will learn how to how to use additional functionalities called plugins to further customize and add different functionalities to your WordPress site.

You will be taught how to set up your WordPress site with SEO knowledge to ensure it ranks on Google.

You will be taught how to secure your website to avoid hacking, spamming and brutal force attacks on your websites

Finally you will be taught how to monitor and track your website performance metrics do you can know what to do when you are not getting the right results.

What are the course modules made of?

Module 1: WordPress Installation: Using live and dummy examples- Here you get to see two ways you can install your WordPress site.

Module 2: Parts of WordPress- Here you get to understand the different parts of WordPress and how to manipulate them.

Module 3: Themes selection and installation- Here you get to understand how to choose a theme, how to manipulate your theme and how to customize it.

Module 4: Adding ecommerce shop to your website- Here you get to learn how to add an ecommerce shop to your WordPress site, set up a payment gateway and collect payments for your products that you sell,

Module 5: Securing your website- Learn the intricacies of securing your website to avoid hacking and takeovers, also learn what you need to do if you ever get hacked.

Module 6: Tracking and monitoring your website- Monitor and track your website performance and optimize it to rank on search engines.

If you are at the place where you are close to tearing up just dealing with customizing your WordPress site.

 The WordPress Without Tears course will show you an easy and simple way to install your WordPress without all the hassles that are associated with WordPress.

You will learn how to use SEO tactics to ensure that your WordPress is properly set up for indexing by the Google search engines.
WordPress sites set up the WWT way become visible to searchers within months of set up.

With WordPress Without Tears, you will stop the frustrations and long emails to your hosting company and start fixing issues yourself.

Yes In our course, we teach you simple tricks and tips that will help you fix you website when it breaks down.

We also tell you how to choose the best hosting company so you don’t get stuck with hosting companies that leave you to your fate when your website has an issue.

With WordPress Without Tears Course, you can be sure that you are set to get on with the business of doing your online business instead of wasting time struggling with your website.

Do you want to sell with your website after building it?

 We show you how to integrate your payment gateway and install your ecommerce shop so that you can get on with the business of the day.

Our way of tutoring is so simple that if all you know is to drag and drop a mouse, you can take this course and within the time of finishing it you will become a pro in building website both for yourself and for others.

What is our guarantee?

If after 7 days of taking and finishing this course you do not like it, we will refund your money to you no questions asked
We will also apologize for wasting your time

How much is this course?

This course is originally built to be part of our bundle course Skills2money course but if you want to take it alone
You are welcome to take it at a singular price.

If you want to buy it as part of our bundle course Skills2moneycourse, you scroll to the payment  button below. Payment for the bundle course gives you access to 3 more courses in the Skills2money course bundle. The remaining 3 courses are

Wix Simplified- A course on how to build a website using Wix

Shopify Unbundled- A course on how to build ecommerce site using Shopify

Newbie Email Marketing Course- A course that teaches how to do email marketing

  • What is Skills2money course anyway?
  • Skills2money is a 4 in one course designed to help anyone who desires to start an online service-based business where they offer website design services and email marketing services.
  • This bundle course is a fully designed course set up to help you set you your first online business using just web design skills
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Elizabeth Uchealor

Elizabeth is a Mompreneur who is passionate about teaching stay at home moms and others how to start a home business that supports their lifestyle.

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