The Newbie Printables Course Version 1

A complete guide for the Newbie who wants to learn how to make Printables

Course Summary

This course is designed to equip a person who desires to make an income from making and selling Printables.

It will take you through the fundamentals of designing your first Printables product to determining the cost of starting up

What you will Learn in this course

    • Module 1-How to discover your niche and assess it for profitability
    • Module 2-How to define and determine your business persona in order to effectively design Printables that suits their needs.
    • Module 3-The tools you will use for designing your Printables products and a demo on how to use it
    • Module 4-Where to sell your Printables products.
    • Module 5-How much it will cost you to start a Printables business.

What this course contains

    • 72 mins of On-demand video
    • 2 Resource sheets
    • 1 Template
    • 1 Worksheet

This course is for you if 

    • You are seeking a way to turn your simple design skills into a profitable business.
    • You are a stay at home mom who seeks to earn from home.
    • You love all things printables and would want to make a living doing what you love.
    • You are a blogger and want to add making and selling printables to what you are already doing.
    • You are a working mom seeking for a side hustle to augment what you already make from your Job.
    • You are already making printables as a business but you are struggling to make money from it.

This course is not for you if 

    • You are already established in your business and do not desire to earn more
    • You are into making printables and you know what you are doing
    • You do not desire to start a home business or any side hustle at all.

Course Curriculum

What Those Who Took This Course Have To Say


I found this course very easy to follow. I liked the fact that there downloads with very important information to review later.


I love that this course is geared towards newbie. I love beautiful printables and have been secretly envious of those that create such items. And now I can too!


I really enjoyed the section on finding your niche. I've been struggling to decide which type of printables I'd like to sell and this information helped to give me clarity.


I loved your personality and your know-how. You seemed knowledgeable about the topic and that was very apparent. You seemed eager to help and teach what you know.


I enjoyed the buyer persona information the most. this is all very new to me and the information is clear and concise i honestly hadn't thought about all the ways printables are marketed.

Course Pricing

  • Newbie Printables Course-1
  • $50 USD

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Elizabeth Uchealor

Elizabeth is a Mompreneur who is passionate about teaching stay at home moms and others how to start a home business that supports their lifestyle.